Would you like the task of choosing the top breakfast cereals, and then ranking them? Neither would we, but we’re going to examine what drove the American public to create the quirky mascots and boxes that flank both sides of the cereal aisle.

Speaking of which, isn’t it mind-blowing that nearly grocery store has an aisle dedicated to JUST cereal? It’s no wonder that celebrities like Lebron James, Aaron Paul, and every American athlete will rave about these brands and be a part of their endorsements.

No matter if you’re a Baby Boomer, Generation Xer, or a Millennial at least one of these cereals has probably been a major part of your life at some point!

And we didn’t even try to rank these so just enjoy the fun facts we’ll share, and comment below on what your favorites are.


Although it’s highly debatable whether Wheaties will do more than providing some vitamins you need, it’s association with sports is firmly entrenched in the psyche of Americans everywhere!

One of the first athletes to appear on the box was Lou Gehrig, and now nearly everyone else has appeared on the box. Muhammed Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, and Michael Jordan are just a few of the hundreds of athletes that have gotten their own Wheaties box.

It’s also been said to have helped launch the film career of Ronald Reagan after delivering some sports broadcasts for the Chicago Cubs. It was this work that got him called by Warner Brothers to take a screen test, and later followed everything else!

Golden Grahams

Believe it or not, there’s a raging debate in the Reddit forums over the similarities between this brand and another we talk about further down this list. Apparently, the square shapes and similarities in sweetness the two cereals share are too much for some to take in!

Some make the other cereal is the “poor kid’s Golden Grahams” but it’s given us plenty of tasty memories. By the way, do you remember when Golden Grahams came out with a snack bar made of chocolate and marshmallows that were similar to rice krispy treats?

Lucky Charms

For many a 90s kid, we’ll probably remember the villain from the first “Austin Powers” movie saying how they’re “always after his lucky charms!”

Maybe that movie hasn’t aged well for 2017, but cereal hasn’t faded away at all.

However, there’s one thing we’ve gotta point out: what’s with the supposed 3:1 ratio of marshmallows to its cereal bits? We want more marshmallows from you Lucky!

Frosted Flakes

Although there’s now an internet urban myth concerning the founders of Kellogg’s and their attempts to use cereal to cure people of their sex drive……we’re glad the company ultimately came through with their true calling of making tasty cereal instead.

During the 1950s when consumer culture was really starting to level up, the company noticed two things. That more sugar sells (though old man Kellogg disliked using sugar), and that consumers love buying cereal that can be associated with a friendly zoo animal (Tony the tiger!)

Another somewhat fun fact, apparently Tony is Italian? We read it on Wikipedia so it must be true….but why?

Cocoa Puffs

Continuing the trend of using exotic animals to sell puffy grains and wheat flakes are Sonny and his Cocoa Puffs.

More than likely you’re already familiar with Kix cereal, which is just unflavored puffs. Cocoa Puffs got its start when General Mills released a special limited edition of Kix with cocoa flavoring.

Cocoa Puffs is also one of the few cereals we know that’s part of the title of a hit book: “Sex, Drugs, And Cocoa Puffs.”

Captain Crunch & Captain Crunch Berries

Beside the golden grahams debate, there’s another argument raging…..

Is Captain Crunch a real captain according to this garb? Apparently, he doesn’t have enough stripes to a full-fledged navy captain in the States, but it’s enough for the French navy.

However what’s more interesting is that Captain Crunch was created by a woman who wanted to recreate her grandma’s flavoring she used over rice. It was a combination of butter and brown sugar her family would use as a Sunday treat!

Apple Jacks

Could this, instead of Wheaties, be the cereal that’s more than likely to help you win at sports?

Maybe, as it’s the favorite of Golden State Warriors Steph Curry. It would make sense to be his favorite as he started to play ball as it was getting popular in the 90s.

Another little fact, it was created by an MIT professor. Who would have thought?


What else can we say about this classic?

It’s often dubbed as one of the healthiest cereals you can buy as it’s devoid of sugar for the most part. In fact, there was a claim you heard in their commercials for a while that it could lower your cholesterol.

Plus this one happens to be a favorite of Aaron Paul’s from Breaking Bad.

Fruity Pebbles

The Flintstones were the ones who made this cereal what it is now!

It was actually a completely different cereal before that called “Sugar Rice Krinkles” and it had no fruit flavoring in it, believe it or not…..

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

And finally, we got the cereal that’s got 54% of the population addicted.

THIS is the cereal that some people swear is not only better than Golden Grahams but is a complete ripoff too. But really though, why choose when you can have both!

Don’t believe all the hype about this brand? Well, apparently you can vape it too if you’re into that….

Comment below and tell us what cereal you would’ve included in this top 10!

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