Caption: Could this device be the key to enjoying better tasting, fresher butter? Read on to find out……

Most everyone loves the taste of butter, but did you know that there’s a way to have even fresher and overall better tasting butter? How on earth is this possible? Well, it’s quite simple actually!

The secret lies in a device you may or may not have heard of before: a butter crock or “butter kepper.” This device has been used long before the days of refrigerators and grocery stores. So it makes sense that a butter crock should be put to good use nowadays.

Here at Sweese, we use our modern technology and high-quality craftsmanship to create a butter crock that’s robustly made and free of any substances that’ll add unwanted flavors to your butter.

However, there’s plenty of questions you may have about butter crocks which we’re more than happy to answer……

Why Use A Butter Crock Instead Of A Butter Dish?

Depending on what kind of butter dish you use, as well as what’s currently in your refrigerator, a lot of the flavors of your favorite butter can become tarnished due to light, food odors, or bacteria.

These elements can cause your butter to spoil and turn rancid, even after just a few days! Some butter dishes can do little to prevent this from happening as they aren’t built to withstand these factors.

A butter crock may seem counterintuitive as you’re placing it on your countertop, where you’re more than likely to face light, odors, or bacteria than in the refrigerator. But that brings us to our next point…..

Storing Butter On The Countertop Vs Refrigerating It

Caption: Storing butter on your counter may seem like a strange idea, but it beats using a butter dish for several reasons……

We already mentioned the dangers of using a butter dish and refrigeration. So why use a butter crock instead?

A butter crock’s design is made to hide the butter from the factors we mentioned before like light and air as it will be sealed tight. The water that will be added to the crock will help it stay cool and keep its spreadable form.

The common problem with refrigerated butter is that it is too cold to spread right out of the fridge. However, with a butter crock, it’ll be at a temperature where it’s easy to spread, maintain its form, and stay cool enough to avoid melting.

This Is How Easy It Is To Use

Caption: It really is this easy to use!

The first step of course to buy a butter crock that matches your home’s decor as well as fits your price range. A common price for a crock ranges from $10 to $30 while there are some that come at a $50 price tag too.

Once you have one, you’ll need your butter of course and some water. Your choice of water is up to you but it can’t hurt to use pure filtered water or any that’s sold in a bottle.

Next, fill the lower basin of the crock with ⅓ of a cup of water. After that, take your butter and pack it into the crock. It’s ideal to pack it full to the brim so that the water helps form a seal to keep the butter intact.

Put it on your counter, preferably in a cool spot, and leave it there to enjoy later.

The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

The biggest mistake our customers make is that they don’t change the water regularly. If you don’t do this simple step, your butter will lose the freshness that you’re trying to enjoy.

Every three days, empty the water that’s already in your crock and fill it up again. That’s all there is to it.

Also, in order to maintain its spreadability, your home should stay below 80 degrees or else it will melt and lose its texture. This is vital if you live in a warmer climate.

Do these two things, and your butter will not spoil or lose its flavor. We hope you enjoy your new butter crock or consider buying one for yourself!

37 comments on “How To Use A Butter Crock For Consistently Spreadable Butter


This the best advice I’ve seen for storing butter outside of a refrigerator. I like the fact you said it’s okay to fill the crock as full of water as possible, because the excess can simply be done in a sink to avoid a mess. As you said, the airtightness will be assured keeping the butter fresh and packed into the bell to prevent it from sliding down into the water. Your site is the only one I’ve read that a home can be kept up to 80F to store butter in a crock. If the water is cool enough and the crock kept in a cooler part of the kitchen, then I can’t see any issues. I might even try adding a bit of crushed ice as a precaution and a touch of salt, if using unsalted butter, but the ice may not be necessary.

My friend said you are suppose to keep it in the refrigerator and that’s why we got the crock…. I put in the refrigerator and ithe butter was hard as a rock. Help was she right….

    Sweese Post author

    Hi Sally, you should have received instructions on how to use this butter crock via email from us. If you have any questions about using this product, just hit reply to our customer service at and provide TOTAL satisfaction. Thanks again for your purchase. 🙂


I love my Sweese Butter Crock! I follow your directions and add a dash of salt to the water and the butter stays fresh and tasty right to the last bit.

Anne Anderson

I also received a butter crock for Christmas with no instructions. I just checked the website because the cork coasters I received as a bonus are molding and growing mildew from condensation associated with cold drinks. At least now I know how to use the butter crock

Stephanie Austin

I just received one for my birthday. My mother-in-law has had one of these for years and the butter has always been fresh and delicious. I’m looking forward to using my own butter crock!

Tonya Collins

I love a butter crock! The article offers great advice to keep your butter good for a long time on the counter. My biggest problem with butter crocks is getting the family to remember to fill it when it’s empty!!!

Amanda Merrell

My only concern would be leaving it out on the counter during summer months when the temperatures are higher.

    Sweese Post author

    When the temperature approaches 90′ F the butter will become too soft to stay in the lid. If you do not have air conditioning you will need to put the butter dish in the refrigerator or add ice to the water in the base.

Kathleen Lambert

I’ve never heard of a butter crock before! Does the water touch the butter? If the water touches the butter does it make the butter different?

Alana walker

Never had one of these in my whole life and it’s the best one I have ever used. Freshness, orderless, Clean. And it makes a cute display in my kitchen. Thank you.

Debbie Haggard

I’ve never used a butter crock, but after readying this I would very much like to. It would be great to have one.

Mary Beth Elderton

What a great way to enjoy softened butter! My grandmother always placed a butterdish on her counter early morning so she had softened butter during the day.

Lynne B

I had your other butter keeper (without using water) until I dropped it (I’m still upset about that). My concern is that the water is in contact with the exposed butter.

Dianna Crawford

I always leave my butter on the counter even though many people have said I shouldn’t. These are wonderful ideas to keep the butter fresh and I will try as soon as I get a new crock. Thank you for sharing these great tips.

Kathy Wofford

I do not have the crock yet, but hope to win one. I do have your 2 stick butter dish with cork lid and leave it out on the counter. I use lots of butter so it never goes bad. I would love to have one of your butter crocks to add to my counter top. 🤞


How long can butter keep on the counter like this if we don’t use butter on a every day basis? Does the crock always need to stay full of butter or if its half full do we use more water?


these are adorable, but make me a little nervous! but i would definately give it a try … i’ve been to family style restaurants that keep foil wrapped butter on the table and nobody died (I dont think?).

Phil Newpork

Seems like a ers simple and elegant solution. Sure beats tearing your bread with cold, non-spreadble butter. I will try this item.

My concern about using a butter crock is I live in the middle of the desert and I’m afraid I’d come home in the summer and and butter would be melted all over the counter.

I love the idea of the butter retaining its freshness and flavor. I definately would love to have one of these crocks! Please let me add a turquoise one to my already sweetie collection!! Sweese is the best thing that ever happened to my kitchen Thank you so much Sweese!!

I just learned about butter crocks. So of course, I had to get one. I love it! It’s easy to use and It’s super cute too. I loved it so much I sent one to my bestie.

    Sweese Post author

    Change the water each day or every 2-3 days. Keeps butter fresh for a month even you don’t use butter on an everyday basis. Hope this help. 🙂

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