Come enjoy pistachios with us!

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Enjoy all things pistachio with us! 🥳 Let’s go on a culinary journey with Dopamenu to explore everything that this humble nut has to offer during this week’s celebration of all things green! 🌿💚

Learn fun facts about pistachios, 🥜 cook a Penne with Pistachio Pesto, 🍝 and participate in a pistachio deshelling contest. 🥜🏆 Finish off the night with a sweet treat called baklava 🧁 and let your guests put their own twist on this sticky delight! 🍯✨ Let’s revel in these culinary delights and enjoy time with friends and family!👪🎉


A Fun-Filled Quiz Night!

Photo by Vladimir Gladkov

Get ready to shell-abrate the amazing history of pistachios with us! 🥳 With a meaty, yet sweet and nutty flavor, the pistachio’s versatility will surprise you! 🌰

Do you think you know everything about pistachios? 🧐 Gather all of your friends and family and read the questions below to discover who knows the most about these tiny, green nuts! 🌿

Get ready for a lively night filled with fun facts, delicious food, and amazing company. 🍽️👪🎉

     Fun Facts that are a little nutty!

  1.     Where was the pistachio originally grown?

          Fun Fact: Throughout the Middle East!

  1. Which queen loved pistachios so much that all of her land was dedicated to growing them?

          Fun Fact: Queen of Sheba

  1. Where do most of the pistachios grow in the United States?

         Fun Fact: California. 

  1. Which fruit is pistachio's distant cousin?

          Fun Fact: Mango

  1. Where do pistachios get their green and purple color from?

          Fun Fact: Antioxidants

  1. How much protein does one serving of pistachios have?

          Fun Fact: As much as an egg (6 grams)

  1. Do shelled or unshelled pistachios last longer when stored?

          Fun Fact: Shelled pistachios

  1. What does the pistachio symbolize?

          Fun Fact: In some cultures, a pistachio is good luck.


Penne with Pistachio Pesto

Photo by XO, DEVANGI

Did you know that you can make pesto from pistachios? 🌿🥜 Their green color and savory flavor is perfect for a tangy and delicious dish like this one! 😋
Enjoy bites of al dente pasta, 🍝 juicy cherry tomatoes, 🍅 and creamy pistachio pesto, combined to make the perfect dish to serve at a dinner party or for a simple family meal. 🍽️ Your guests will be wowed by the tantalizing aroma of this fresh, warm, and comforting meal. 🌟
So, put on your apron, 👩‍🍳 warm up your oven, 🔥 and get ready to create a memorable pot of pesto-goodness! 🥳
  • 1 box penne pasta
  • 4 quarts water
  • 4 ½ ounces shelled pistachios 
  • 3 cups basil leaves
  • ½ cup grated parmesan 
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon black peppers
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ½ cup cherry tomatoes (halved)
  • Salt to taste
     For Pasta
  • Bring water to a boil over high heat
  • Add a pinch of salt to the boiling water
  • Add the box of penne pasta to the water
  • Cook the pasta according to package instructions (it usually takes 8-12 minutes to cook)
  • Once the pasta is done, drain the water from the pot, transfer the pasta back into the pot and put the lid on. Keep to the side.
     For Pesto
  • Combine pistachios, basil leaves, parmesan, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and black pepper and salt in a food processor  (or use a mortar and pestle) and blend until smooth
  • Put the pasta in your Sweese bowl, add the pesto in the pasta, add the cherry tomatoes, and stir. Enjoy!


Pistachio Peeling Contest

If you buy shelled pistachios, one of the most annoying things is peeling all of them to use in baked goods or savory dishes. 😫 So, now is the time to challenge your friends and family to a pistachio peeling contest! 🎉 (They will have fun doing it and you will have unshelled pistachios to use in dishes, which is a win-win if you ask me! 😉)
Divide a bag of shelled pistachios into bowls, evenly, 🍲 and then time your friends and family to see who can peel all of them the quickest! ⏱️ Enjoy this memorable moment, soak in the laughter, 😂 and take photos of the newly crowned pistachio peeling champion! 🏆📸

Put your own twist on the classic baklava recipe!

Dopamenu invites you to participate in a baklava baking contest, where you and your loved ones can show off your most creative twists on the classic recipe! 🎉
Do you like chocolate? 🍫 Add that to the recipe! How about orange zest? 🍊 Try that too! The possibilities are endless. ✨
Get excited to try everyone’s unique recipes and maybe this contest will reveal who the best baker in your family is. 👀👑

Do you want to enhance your pistachio-tastic evening with elegant dinnerware? 🍽️ Well, look no further because these white, curved, porcelain bowls will do just that. The vibrant green hues of the pistachio pesto and the warm penne will look great against the pure white of these bowls. 🌿✨
Pistachio Pesto Perfection: Enhance your pesto pasta or any other meal with Sweese’s curved white porcelain bowls. The curved sides and durable white ceramic make it the perfect bowl to make your dinner stand out. 🍝🌟
Vibrant Bakeware: Bake your baklava or any other dessert in  these 8.0 x 8.0 inch ceramic square baking dishes. These durable dishes with a double handle will make taking things out of the oven easy! Choose from 8 different vibrant hues to show off your freshly baked goods in style. 🍰🍮
Sip with Elegance: No dessert, like baklava, would be the same without freshly brewed tea on the side. ☕ Sweese has just the thing to take your dessert game to the next level– a bun porcelain tea infuser mug. Perfect for each person in your family so that they can brew their favorite tea in their own personal mug. 🍵✨
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