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4 Soups You've Probably Never Made That You MUST Try

Posted by Amelia Haberl on

Caption: Looking for new inspiration in your kitchen? Then check out the recipes we found below!

Lately here at Sweese, weve been talking a whole lot about soups, but havent gotten into the particulars of the actual dishes themselves! Hopefully before youve gotten here youve learned the benefits of using a slow cooker and perhaps gotten some ideas of how to use soup to lose some weight. However what we want to do now is get you ready to become a little more adventurous in the kitchen.. Have you ever thought of making a cold soup? Well youre about to learn how! Or maybe youd like to make an exotic Thai dish or a curry soup? Or maybe youd like to take a trip down south to sample some creole flavors? Youre in luck if thats what you came for and thats exactly what were about to get into right now.

How To Make Gazpacho

Caption: Can a cold soup be as tasty as a hot stew? Lets find out!

Have you ever heard of this cold Andalusian soup? Its by far one of the most unique soups you can ever make because its COLD! We understand that most soups you try are hot, but this is something youve got to try! But another important fact to add is that its also fairly easy to make. Just visit this link to see a recipe provided by the Food Network. A few of the best tips weve found online for making the best Gazpacho you can from home is to use fresh, ripe tomatoes and to avoid making your vegetables too coarse when chopping them up. Its also best to leave the finished dish in your fridge for as long as possible to let the flavors congeal properly.

How To Make Spicy Thai Lobster Soup

Caption: Having lobster in my soup is more than enough, but these other ingredients make it even better!

Now, this soup is perfect for those who want to vary the kind of seafood they may typically eat, and still enjoy a creamy soup without using regular milk and cheese. This recipe requires removing lobster from the shell itself and then cooking it in hot vegetable oil. So this recipe will require more work but like the previous Gazpacho recipe, its worth it! Other ingredients called for in this recipe that is bound to make this a new favorite of yours include lime, chile, mushrooms, and Asian blend spices.

How To Make Turtle Soup

This recipe calls for a very unusual ingredient: actual turtle meat! So even though this is a fairly popular, unique soup, finding this ingredient could be quite a challenge. We recommend asking your local butcher if he has any, or knows where to find some. You will also need to make whats called a roux, which is an ingredient made to thicken sauces and soups. All it requires is butter and flour though, and there are some stores that may even have the roux ready made for you. Hard boiled eggs, sherry, marjoram, and thyme make up a few of the other ingredients of this unusual dish.

How To Make Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

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Caption: We didnt forget about the healthy eaters out there. We think youre going to like this one!

Who wouldve ever thought that there would be a recipe out there using such a different combination of ingredients as these three?!?! The most difficult part of this recipe, which thankfully isnt difficult at all, is to bake the chickpeas in the oven in time for them to go into the actual stew. And that rounds out our four recipes we recommend that you try. If you have any suggestions of your own for making these dishes or have an unusual soup of your own to recommend, then please tell us about it in the comments.

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