Refrigerating Your Butter vs Using A Butter Crock to Store at Room Temperature


Have You Ever Used A Butter Crock Before? If Not, Let Us Tell You Why You May Start Using This Instead Of Your Fridge To Store Your Butter…….

Did you know that there are over 17 different flavor profiles for butter ranging from bitter, to sweet, and even “malty?” These widely different tastes of butter can only be experienced, many argue, by storing it at room temperature! But won’t it melt? Will it start to smell? Why shouldn’t I do what my mom has been telling me to do with my favorite butter since I was a kid? Let’s see what we might have been missing out on all of this time, and get answers t these questions…….

The Benefits Of Not Using Your Fridge, But A Butter Cooler

 Are you sure you’ve been storing your butter correctly? You may be surprised about what we’re about to tell you in this article…..


Most likely, you associate the idea of butter going bad because of old rancid milk you’ve unfortunately tasted a time or two. Am I right? Butter is made out of pasteurized cream, which is completely different from the same milk you probably get from the local dairy. This means that a lot of the bacteria has been removed from it, which also means that any room temperature butter you have is less likely to spoil as quickly as it’s not a great environment for foreign bacteria to grow in. Also, butter is mostly fat, unlike other dairy products, like milk. So that settles it. It’s completely fine to start using a butter crock or a covered butter dish to enjoy your softened butter. Even the USDA’s guide to buying butter says that you need to leave cold butter sitting out for 10 to 15 minutes for its “spreadability” to be enhanced. As long as you use a butter cooler (like a butter crock), or can keep your house below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it’ll stay fresh. A butter crock can store butter at room temperature for nearly thirty days! However there is a procedure to using this kind of dish, so be sure and research how to do so. If you just want to use a covered butter dish, then that’ll work fine too, but only for a few days.

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How To Properly Store It Cold, If You Still Want To

Don’t Have Any Time To Explore These Ideas? (Maybe Because Your Daily Routine Involves Something Like This Pic?) Then We’ve Got The Solution For You!

Perhaps you’re not keen on exploring all the subtleties of softened butter? That’s okay! There’s really not much to making sure your butter stays fresh in the fridge. It’s often best to use the original wrapping that your butter came in because 1) it’ll protect it against the odors of other foods and 2) the paper covering is made of a material that’s greaseproof, unlike other wrapping materials like foil or plastic bags. It’s even more important to keep this in mind when using unsalted butter, as the lack of salt will make it more susceptible to bacteria and odors from other food in your refrigerator. Salted butter can be kept for longer, and works perfectly in a butter tray container or butter crock because it can stay for so long. Unsalted butter has a shelf life of only 3 months covered, and up to 6 months if it’s frozen. So what way are you gonna store your butter from here on out? If you decided to possibly use a butter crock, or get an upgrade on your covered dish tray, then check out some products from our friends at Sweese!


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