The 4 Best Green Tea Brands

Image Desc: We’ve got the details on 4 brands you should try now if you’re just getting into brewing and drinking green tea.

Nothing can kill your newfound motivation to stop drinking sodas and energy drinks like a wall of green tea brands staring back at you. More than likely you’ve heard about the many health benefits of drinking more green tea like heightened awareness, higher metabolism, better endurance while exercising, and even a better smile. So don’t let all of the varieties of tea dismay you! Sure there’s stores like Teavana and Amazon where you can get tons and tons of different kinds, but we want to help you find the best green tea brands on the marketplace today. However, you must understand that many of these come in bag form, which is a no no to those who strive to have the best cup of tea they possibly can at home. Bags restrict the the flow of water and don’t let the leaves expand the way they can in loose leaf form without the bag. Read up about this method after you finish this article, but for now here are our picks for the best brands of green tea…...


Image Desc: If you’ve ever visited a certain coffee shop, you may have seen this one before…..

This is now a universally recognized brand with great taste and a great price. It’s also well known for being the tea of choice at Starbucks so that should sway you if you’re a fan of this coffeehouse. Since it can be found in nearly every grocery store and it comes in a box, it is sometimes denigrated as being a great “beginner” tea. However, this tea can stand up to the natural organic brands out there with its strong flavors and aromas. No wonder Starbucks uses this one!


This brand has been selling tea for a VERY long time. Since 1706 to be exact when they got permission to export the tea from London, and also to bring imports from around the world (like green tea). This company takes specific care to extract their tea leaves using only water and liquid carbon dioxide during the extraction process to keep it all-natural.


Image Desc: Seen this one before?

This is maybe the most recognized brand of tea anywhere, whether it’s green teas or black teas or anything else. Lipton teas, in particular, are known for their smooth taste, and their lifelong dedication to finding the best tea leaves possible (as probably every company does). What some more experienced tea drinkers don’t like about Lipton is the higher bitterness it has compared to other teas, but this is a classic every tea drinker could benefit from having in stock.

Celestial Seasoning

If you read our article about the health benefits of green tea, then you probably read about antioxidants and how they can help improve your health. The reason we mention this here is that this brand was found to have the highest number of antioxidants compared to almost every other, including those we just mentioned. This is also another brand of green tea that can be found in many grocery stores too. There are many organic and more natural brands of tea that don’t come in bags or can easily be found in grocery stores, that we didn’t include here. Our goal with this article was to help identify the most universally liked types of green tea. If you’re not satisfied with these offerings, we suggest you visit your local coffee shop or dig deeper online to find some off-brands that’ll be better suited to more experienced taste buds. However, we hope you’ve come here to simply get started drinking green tea and have picked one that you can grab today!

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