Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid, Yellow

Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid, Yellow

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Beautifully simple style, the color is a timeless look that matches any decor. Good weight, clean, upscale appeal. Has a lip that keeps the butter from sliding around and keeps the pet out of the butter. Helps keep your kitchen looking tidy and organized.

Dimensions & More Info

Perfect Size - It fits a full "American size" stick of butter. 

A Little Knob - Has a little knob on top making it easier to take off the lid, prevents from slipping out of your hand should you get butter on it.

A Good Raised Border - There is also a small ridge on the dish so that the butter stays in the middle of the dish and there is less of a chance of dropping the lid on to the edge of the butter.

Use & Care

Easily keeps it clean, dust free, light out, and dishwasher safe. 

Shipping & Warranty

30-day No-Chip warranty.