A Short Guide To Using Soup To Lose Weight

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Weve been trying to find a way to ditch the kale and tofu for a while now in hopes of finding some foods that are a wee bit more exciting. Here at Sweese were happy to say that we obliterated this goal and found some interesting ways to use soup to help achieve our weight loss goals! Why are we so excited about guzzling minestrone and chicken tortilla soup? Well besides it being delicious to eat once you get it right, the water and broth in these soups help you feel full, while getting all the fiber and veggies your body is begging you for! And this is a huge help if youre seeking to make a drastic calorie deficit without feeling hungry all the time. The rule with weight loss is to create a deficit of 3500 calories per pound you want to lose, and all that water is going to help you avoid the french fries and cupcakes on this journey. Theres a lot we want to share with you, and we want to help you learn how you can lose as much as 7 pounds a week with this dieting idea!

Heres The Best Health Properties Of Soup

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Would you believe that a humongous bowl of a broth based soup can have as little as 300 calories in it?!?!? Neither could we! If you look at all the vitamins that the various vegetables in your soup contain, you could easily stack everything youd get in pill form. Potassium, Vitamin A, various B vitamins like niacin, and iron are all essential vitamins youll get from a serving of soup a day. Several studies have shown that if you eat a cup or bowl of soup before your main entree, itll help you feel full faster and thus decrease any tendency you may have to overeat. Soup also helps your body stay hydrated and improve your digestion overall. Its kinda hard to beat such a food that packs all of those benefits at once, right? Now lets share some ideas on how you can start to enjoy soup more often...

Stock Up On Canned Soups Like..

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Before you pick and choose every soup your eyes may come across theres a few ground rules to look out for when strolling through the supermarket for soup. First off, choose soups that are broth based like tortilla soup, minestrone soup, or anything with vegetables almost. Clam chowder and lobster bisque are examples of soups to avoid as the cheese and cream can add lots of unnecessary calories that defeats the purpose of eating soup for weight loss. Next, choose soups that are less than 500 milligrams of sodium to avoid water retention, and find those thatll help create those calorie deficits youll want. Anything with added proteins like chicken or fish is a plus as well! Now, with this information locked and loaded, head to your grocery store and pick out soups like these:
  • Amys Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup
  • Pacific Foods Tomato Soup (vegetable based
  • Any chicken noodle soup like Campbells
  • Progresso 3-Bean Chili
  • Campbells Chunky Split Pea Soup

The sodium count on some of these soups are a concern, but the other health benefits more than make up for this. Each of these soups are full of legumes and/or vegetables that fulfill all the nutritional benefits we just provided in the previous section.

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Get Out Your Crockpot

Caption: If youre not feeling up for the task of learning a whole new set of soups to make in your kitchen, then dont worry as this device will make it a lot easier.

There is a whole range of possibilities for soup when it comes to using your slow cooker to making it all yourself! Using a crockpot allows you to go away for a while, whether to work or elsewhere, and come back to a ready made meal youll put into a bowl. However, there are some tricks of the trade and best practices when it comes to using such a device, as with many other things. The first thing you must do is to make sure your cooker is equipped to handle 5 to 6 quarts, which is the usual amount called for in most recipes. More importantly, you want a size that will help you avoid overfilling or underfilling the container. Next, you must make sure you fill up your container no more than two-thirds to the top. Some cookers are different but this is the ideal range if you want to thoroughly cook your ingredients. Lastly, avoid opening your lid to look inside at your food as precious heat will escape and this will cause your food to cook even more slowly than you may want. Finally, when youve chosen a recipe out of the many available to try, you should avoid using ingredients that frozen (allow them to thaw instead), and then cut up any meats you may be using into tiny chunks so theyll cook thoroughly.

Make A Big Batch Of These Soups For The Rest Of The Week

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If youre a big fan of meal prepping, then the crock pot may help but were betting that youll want a little bit of variety as well. You may not be an expert chef like Gordon Ramsay or Emeril Largasse, but were betting that youre more than able to give a few of these ideas a shot:
  • Gazpacho, a cold soup made with tomatoes hailing from Andalusia, Spain
  • Tortilla soup, for those of you who crave something with some Mexican flare
  • Cauliflower soup with garlic, for those who want a creamy yet dairy free option
  • Miso soup, which you can often find in ready-made packets at your local store
  • Butternut Squash, a classic thick soup you can enhance in many ways
  • Black Bean soup, if you want something with lots of fiber but very tasty too
Sure theres probably crock pot recipes for all of these, but we recommend these in case you want to experiment with your cooking and have the time for it. These are all great recipes to add to your repertoire no matter if youre looking to lose weight or just widen your cooking skills! So there you go. These are the steps you should take to get started on your weight loss journey with soup, and we hope weve helped you find some new meals to make for yourself!

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