The Benefits Of Regularly Drinking Oolong Tea (Instead Of Green)

Caption: We here at Sweese love our green tea, but you havent already you need to listen to what we and others have to say about this other type of leaf...

More than likely youve heard plenty of great tidbits about the amazing miracles that green tea can supply, but have you by chance taken a gander at oolong tea? Drinking tea instead of coffee has been proven to provide many more health benefits than a cup of Starbucks or (name your favorite roast) could possibly provide. Plus, itll make you a lot less hyper and jittery while giving you just as great of a boost in the mornings! (or afternoons) Lets check out what youve been missing out on...

Make Sure Youre Brewing It Correctly First!

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In another article here on the Sweese Blog, weve taken the time to recommend the precise temperatures, tea cups, boiling kettles, and even the water you should use to make various types of tea. Theres more that goes into getting all the delicate flavors than boiling some water and chunking your leaves into the pot or cup. You may not enjoy oolong simply because youve avoided all the preparation that we truly believe is necessary! So heres a quick cheat sheet list of what to do First, get a high-quality tea kettle, possibly with a strainer or other device to separate the leaves from your liquid. Then, get some high quality filtered water. Get about a teaspoon of leaves for every 6 ounces of water, or more depending on how strong you want it to be or how much youre going to make. Finally, boil the water to about 180 degrees, and let it steep for about 1 to 5 minutes. However, try a slightly lower temperature or longer steeping times if you want to experiment!

Boost Your Metabolism

Those who take their fitness seriously will find anything and everything thatll help them avoid doing more pushups or deck squats..(look em up, they suck!) So eating and drinking the right solids and liquids will help you during the rest of the time that youre not in the gym. Oolong tea, in particular, has been shown to boost your metabolism for up to two hours after drinking it! Plus it contains some particles thatll block the natural processes your body is undergoing to build fat. We all know as well that less body fat means a greater looking body...

Increase Mental Awareness & A Few Other Things Too

Caption: Enough said. Although you may not end up like Scarlett Johansson in Lucy, but you can aspire to it!

More than likely youve got a busy daily life involving school work, children, or demanding mental tasks at work that require extensive energy to get through. Just like with your workouts, your work could use all the help it can get as well. Oolong tea has been proven to help your body produce more norepinephrine, theanine, and dopamine which are all substances that boost your attention and cognitive activity. Plus it contains polyphenols which have a calming effect on your body in comparison to the jitters that coffee gives to many people.

Why This Tea Instead Of Green Tea?

Caption: The two teas are similar in many respects, but they do contain a couple of vast differences too..

You may still be wondering why you should get this tea instead of green tea. After all, ?they seem to contain these health benefits and more right? The main difference between the two teas is that it is oxidized a little bit more than green tea is during the brewing process. This characteristic is why oolong has its own flavor and category of leaves aside from green tea leaves. However, they are known to contain a similar amount of catechins, vitamins and minerals, fluorides, and caffeine as the other. It all really boils down to which taste you prefer. We hope this information has given you some renewed motivation to try this type of tea, and we hope that youll get to enjoy all these benefits of drinking tea and more!

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