3 Kinds Of Housewarming Gifts That Every Couple Wants

Image Desc: Looking For A Gift Idea For Your Favorite Couple? We’ve Got A Few Ideas…….

Deciding on the perfect gift for your friends who are settling into a new home can be very difficult if they already have everything! There’s also the fear that they won’t use what you buy for them because it won’t be right for their personalities. Then there’s the mountain of information and endless lists of possible products to buy that just paralyzes you into not doing anything at all. So what we want to do is categorize a few great gift ideas that are going to be incredibly useful, and easy for you to buy……..

Subscriptions To Monthly Services

Image Desc: There’s a subscription service for just about everything out there you can imagine!

Subscriptions for cookies, healthy snacks, and DIY crafts are only a few that are out there which any couple can enjoy every month that you keep it going for them! Here are a few of the most popular options right now:

  • Blue Apron is a service that sends you the ingredients to a meal that you can prepare at home by yourself with basic cooking utensils. It’ll have the recipes with it too! This is a great idea for a couple who loves to cook together and try new dishes at home.
  • BarkBox is a box subscription service that brings dog toys, treats, and other dog-tested products right to their door! You can also specify what size dog they have, and BarkBox will choose the appropriate dog products for them.
  • Amazon Prime not only includes the free two-day shipping option, but also includes Kindle Unlimited, streaming movies and music, and over 20 other benefits include early access to special deals the site has throughout the year.

Check out this great list from Buzzfeed if you’d like to find more ideas for this sort of gift: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kherhold/the-20-best-subscription-boxes-og3b?utm_term=.yc7z0VONL#.uvRdzeNlY

Custom Gift Ideas

Image Desc: If You’re A Bit On The Creative Side, Then Read About Some Ideas We Have For Making A Gift Basket!

Something useful like the previous option will definitely last them awhile, but you can also get them a unique gift that would be special only to them. Many couples first settling into their new home will not have many of the essentials until a week or two later. So why not make a gift basket out of:

  • Coffee supplies like beans, mugs, and sweets
  • Toiletries like toilet paper, razors, soaps, bath bombs, etc.
  • Or pre-made meals like soups, salads, or pastas

These are a few gift ideas that’ll help someone who can’t make time yet to get such things yet! However, you can also opt for something even more customized like a custom made cutting board with their names on it, or a Christmas tree ornament of their home.

Image Desc: Another Great Idea Is To Have A Christmas Ornament Made Into The Same Shape As Their House.

Traditional Gift Basket Ideas

This last one is great if you don’t have much time to think about a custom gift for the couple, and would rather do something traditional. All you have to do is buy a basket, pick a theme like the ones below, and then decorate it however you like. Here are some typical ideas:
  • A few selections of baked bread from a local bakery
  • Spices & Herbs to supply their new kitchen
  • A house plant that’s easy to keep alive
Or you can go with a nice selection of wines Some will choose to put messages in the basket like “May You Never Go Hungry” or “May You Never Go Thirsty” to go with the theme of these ideas. However this is not an exhaustive list, and you hopefully have an idea now that’s perfect for the couple you’re preparing a gift for. Thanks for reading!

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