4 Housewarming Gifts Any Man Will Love

A quick internet search for gifts to buy for a guy will display the latest gadgets, and an endless list of futuristic gizmos you never thought he may have needed. But this is a difficult group to buy something for! Some guys don’t cook, some aren’t very well organized (or have that stigma), and more than likely he could already have the fancy thing you want to buy him. So what do you do? We believe in making the process simple so that you can find some great housewarming gifts for men that he’ll want to use over and over again. Here are a few ideas……..

A French Press Coffeemaker

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Image Desc: Fresh brewed coffee can be made in as little as 3 minutes with a quality French Press!

Do you think using one of these is hard? Think again! If he has a way to grind the beans, or can buy ground coffee, then boil some water, he’ll be using this over and over again. That’s really all there is to it. And it only takes about 5 minutes before you have some several cups of hot coffee ready to drink. Plus it’ll make him feel like a cowboy! Making coffee through a french press is the closest he’ll get to making coffee like the guys in all the western films he may love.

A New Set Of Bowls


Image Desc: Chances are that your guy could use an upgrade on his bowls…..why not get him one of these?!?!

Chances are that he got some cheap bowls from a big box retailer, or he has never put much thought into this essential piece of the kitchen.
Bowls like this from Sweese are “fluted” so that he can better hold it while eating Fruit Loops, Spaghetti O’s, or maybe something a little more sophisticated. Another thing you want to think about when buying any sort of gift is how expensive it is. A good set of bowls will be inexpensive and it won’t communicate anything more than that you want him to settle in nicely to his new home.


Amazon Prime


Image Desc: What Guy Would Not Love A Year’s Subscription To Prime!

Maybe you’ve been reading this article and think this kind of stuff is not for the person you know? Well, then a subscription to Amazon Prime may be your best bet! With free two-day shipping, and $3.99 overnight shipping this is a gift he’ll get a lot of use out of within the next year. As you probably know, Amazon sells EVERYTHING so we can’t imagine a better gift if you’re looking to spend a little more.

Bamboo Coasters

Image Desc: These Are Perfect For The Guy Who Likes To Leave His Drinks Laying Around…..

Table rings are horrible to look at, and no one can ever have enough coasters! However, there is only a select group of guys who have the willingness to keep a clean home so these bamboo coasters will make it very easy for him to use. They are won’t slip, absorb stains, or be a hassle to wash. Plus they’re likely to add a little elegance to his living room if he regularly uses them.

A Chalkboard Sign

Image Desc: Sounds Different For A Guy’s Gift? This Image Shows How Useful It Can Really Be.

If he has roommates then this one will be really fun for him to use! Imagine him writing funny messages, making a grocery list, or setting reminders that he’ll see whenever he walks into his kitchen. The sign also has a piece of twine rope so it’ll be easy for him to put on his wall.

B’Warmer Hand Warmers

Does he happen to live in a cold climate and spend a lot of time outside? Even better, is he a football fan? Then he’s probably seen one of these! The B’Warmer is made with a unique insulating material that’s a lot warmer than fleece or the pockets of your typical jacket or hoodie. Whether he works outdoors or plays sports during the winter, it’ll be a neat accessory to have that’ll make all of his friends want one too. Things To Remember When Buying A Gift For A Guy Friend Some of our suggestions that gn or that they don’t like to cook are probably not true. There’s no doubt that plenty of men like to do plenty of activities that we unfairly see as being the jobs for women. However most guys like gifts that they can get plenty of use out of. So a gift like these 4 will become endlessly useful for him as he moves into a new house or apartment. Also, your gift doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be special! None of these ideas are high-tech gadgetry, and more than likely he probably has plenty of those to satisfy him. Everyone needs bowls and dishes, as well as little things like coasters to make his place into a home. We hope you got some good ideas from this article, and we thank you for reading!

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