How To Buy Wedding Gifts The Proper Way (Yes, There’s A Wrong Way Apparently)

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Image Desc: Afraid Of Buying The Wrong Gift For A Special Wedding That’s Coming Up! Don’t Be Because We’re To Help You Navigate Through All Niceties Of Buying The Best Gift.

Planning around a single day is difficult enough. But buying the right gift without mistakenly offending the bride or groom is yet another concern. And by now, you’ve probably attended a bridal shower, bought plane tickets to get there. Even had to buy something new to wear for that day! However you want to be happy for the couple, and arrive ready to celebrate the start of their new life. So that’s what brings you here: to get some advice that’ll make this process a whole lot easier! Follow these guidelines, and you can spend more time enjoying yourself on their special day!

Good Reasons Not To Buy A Present

There are some special circumstances where you’re not expected to buy a gift and other times when the bride & groom expect gifts in a less than tactful way. However, don’t use these as an excuse not to buy something! If you really care about the couple you’re buying a gift for, then say to heck with the rules and get something anyway. Finally, though, you don’t have to buy a gift if……  It’s a destination wedding that’s fairly expensive for you to attend. The bride and groom will be excited by nothing more than your presence! ●  They asked you for money instead. This has taken a lot of the thought that goes into the gift exchange process and quite frankly, taking away some of the joy of this day by just handing over cash. If you’re in this situation, do whatever you feel is necessary! ●  The wedding invitation shared info about their registry. This is considered rude and is seen as a plea for gifts instead of the company you’ll give them. It’s another delicate situation, but just know that the bride and groom were not supposed to put their info there. How Much Should You Spend Then?

Buying & Not Buying From The Registry

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Image Desc: A Lot Of Thought Goes Into These, So Be Sure You Know What You’re Doing. Before Straying From Detailed Lists Like These…..

Nearly 85% of brides want something from their registry so this is a tricky situation to navigate. Building on the theme of trying to stay on a budget, the items in your couple’s registry is probably not helping you much either. Lots of wedding registries often use this opportunity to get items that've been on their wish list that may have nothing to do with building a home. And then there’s the shocking reality that some couples will put expensive items on the registry in hopes they’ll receive a small amount of money instead. So this puts you in a bad spot if money is a concern, and you want to find a gift that’s still thoughtful. Oftentimes the couple will understand if you don’t buy from the registry, but just make sure some thought goes into your gift selection in that context. For instance, if there is a piece of tableware you wish you could buy for them, just get some matching plates, bowls, salt & pepper shakers, or other matching accessories. The same idea can be used with bedroom and bathroom items too. Another easy solution? Go in on a group buy with your friends if you still want to get something. It’s an idea that happens a lot more than you think. And it’ll reduce the stress for a few other people too. In conclusion, once you’ve found an amazing gift for the bride & groom, make sure they will receive it within two months of the wedding. With all the shipping options and shopping websites available in this day and age, it’s simply inexcusable to not plan for this contingency. We hope this article has helped you make a decision on what to buy, and we appreciate you taking the time to read this article!

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