X Best Inexpensive Wedding Present Ideas

Image Desc: It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Spend As Long As The Gift Is Meaningful! We’ve Got A Few Ideas To Help You Do That.

Going to a lot of weddings soon? We hear you. If only we could give an amazing gift to all of our friends and be done with it! Right? Sadly many of us need to make due with what we’ve got and go below the so-called $50 rule to not be rude to the bride and groom. So what we’ve done is collected 4 of the best ideas we could find that’ll allow most everyone to give a great gift! Some will lean more on the pragmatic side, while others are going to require just a little creativity. Let’s check it out!

Look For Inexpensive Registry Items Like……..

Image Desc: Overwhelmed By The Expensive Appliances? Look A Little Harder For Itemas Like These……

Many couples put an amazing amount of time into what they want listed on their registry. That’s because they not only want to include everything that could help in their future lives together, but also so that you can choose from a variety of price ranges. There may be expensive appliances, unnecessary gadgets, and a china set that costs more your flat screen television, but more than likely there’s going to be items like……. ●   Cooking utensils like spatulas, forks and knives, measuring cups, etc. ●   Cups and Coffee mugs ●   Bowls, plates, skillets, pans, etc. ●   And containers for their flour, sugar, rice, and other accoutrements No home is going to be complete without these items, and more than likely your bride and groom could use an upgrade or maybe an extra wine opener or two.

Help Them Prepare For Their Honeymoon

Image Desc: Lots Of Couples Could Use Gifts That Help Them Enjoy Their Honeymoon

Find out whatever you can where the two are headed for their honeymoon, and create a gift package centered around where they’re going. If it’s a beach getaway, think of something that goes with a typical locale like the Bahamas, Hawaii, or Jamaica. You can also go with high quality sunscreen, bath towels, and some books you know they’ll enjoy reading. If it’s an European vacation, then find a good travel guide, maps of the countries they’re going to, and maybe a nice passport holder. The ideas are endless! No matter if they’re going to Disney World, The Grand Canyon, or a simple road trip you’ll find plenty of gift ideas if you look hard enough.

Frame Their Wedding Invitation

Image credit: Kirkland’s Home Décor & Gifts

Image Desc: Have You Ever Thought Of Making One Of These?

This is the gift we mentioned where you can start to get creative! All you need to do is find an idea for a shadow box theme, which is the type of frame you’ll want to hold the invitation and whatever else you’d like to use to decorate the inside. After that, you can create something yourself with supplies from a craft store, or even with a bunch of photos with you and the bride and/or groom. Do a quick search on Google or Pinterest, and you’re sure to find plenty of ideas that’ll help you unlock your creativity.

Stock Their Fridge, Pantry, Or Bathroom Products

Image credit: Heidi klum | Instagram

Image Desc: Just Imagine The Happiness They’d Feel Once They Got Back Home After The Wedding If Someone Helped Stock Their Fridge!

Finally, this last idea is pretty simple and self-explanatory, although the bride and groom will more than likely appreciate this gift a lot after the wedding and honeymoon are over. Take a trip to your local grocery store, health food market, or whatever business is centered around your idea, and then make a basket comprising these items. Think about creating ready-made meals, stocking their movie collection, or giving them plenty of cleaning supplies that’ll last them awhile. Did any of these ideas bring a few ideas to mind? We hope so! Thanks so much for reading the Sweese blog.

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