Are You Depressed and Anxious? Try this Tea

If you have anxiety and depression, the Rose tea may help relieve you of these symptoms. Rose tea contains the powerful anxiety-fighting amino acid l-theanine, effectively lowering anxiety and stress levels. It also comes with mood-lifting effects as well as relaxation. Here's what drinking Rose tea can do for you:

- Made from rose petals and buds.
- They are frequently included in flavored tea blends.
- It contains anxiety-fighting amino acid l-theanine and relaxing herbal benefits combined with lavender and chamomile.
- It carries health benefits that lower stress level and improves mood.
- Rose tea is a high antioxidant and contains antimicrobial properties that treat infections and kill off harmful pathogens.
- Rich in Vitamin C promotes growth, development, and skin tissue repair.
- Soothe menstrual cramps during the months, which serve as an alternative to painkillers.
- It promotes a healthy digestive system and soothes an upset stomach thanks to mild laxative effects.

Now you understand the benefits of rose tea, let's try to make a cup of it.

How to make rose tea?

Step 1

Skip this step if you have store-bought rose tea packs. You can make rose tea from scratch with harvested rose petals. Place them onto a baking sheet and set the temperature to 180° for 10 to 30 minutes until the rose petals become crisp.

Step 2

Filter or use spring water to get the best flavor possible off the rose petals. Do not use distilled or tap water as they make the taste bland and bitter.

Set saucepan at medium-high heat and add rose petals. Bring it to a simmer and let the water steep flavor from the rose petals for five minutes until they become discolored.

Remove from the heat and strain tea into teacups. Serve best when hot but also can be served cold.

Step 3

While rose tea has a mild and fruity taste, it is neither overpowering nor strong. Some people like to add summer fruits and flavors to this tea. Rose tea pairs very well with dried apricots, honey, strawberries, and raspberries.

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You might also want to know...

When should I drink tea?
- In the morning, after waking up (to hydrate, clean the stomach and improve digestion).
- Around 3 pm in the afternoon (increase immune system, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol).
- Around 8:30 pm before sleep (repair body, replenish the immune system, and create new cells).

Is rose tea safe to drink?

In moderation, rose bud tea is healthy to ingest. But if you have ever experienced an adverse reaction to rosehip tea or the rose plant, avoid drinking this tea!

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